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This is our team of Wizards that make things happen and turn ideas into Scalable Products & Services.

Our Team

Rohit Sharma
Dr. Rohit Sharma

CEO and Managing Director

Raj K Sehgal
Mr. Raj K Sehgal

Director & Head of Legal affairs

Sandeep Singh
Mr. Sandeep Singh

Director & Chief Business Development Officer

Kamran Farhat
Mr. Kamran Farhat

Chief Marketing Officer

Abhishek Prasoon
Mr. Abhishek Prasoon

Consulting CTO & Project Manager

Yugal Sharma
Mr. Yugal Sharma

Head of AI & Machine Learning

Advisory Board

Shuchita Nanda
Dr. Shuchita Nanda

Managing Director, Galaxy Labs

Dr. Anshu Bahl

Managing Director, AIIMS

Keerti Prashad
Prof. Keerti Prashad

PhD, Expert Teacher, Trainer & Mentor in Healthcare Mgt

Dr. Guriqbal Jaiya


Prashant Kumar
Prof. Prashant Kumar

Associate Dean, University of Surrey
Founding Director, GCARE

Vineet Singh
Dr. Vineet Singh

Ophthalmology with National Health Service(NHS) United Kingdom

Dr. Ranvir Kaushal

Renowned Cardiologist and founder KNH Hospitals

What our experts say


Galaxy Labs

Ever since i have started using zini i have found it to be so accurate in giving differential diagnosis and giving medical advice. This is helpful for both doctors and patients in case of any medical ailment. Even doctors can easily see the differential diagnosis in a given clinical scenario. Zini is the future of ai in medicine with tremendous help to patients especially when there is delay in seeking medical help.

SN — Dr. Shuchita Nanda, MD


Zini is one of the most wonderful medical app, which i came across. Immediate differential diagnosis by this app not only is helpful for patients, but for doctors as well.. Patients seeking medical attention can ask all their medical queries here, which this app interprets n solves in an awesome way. Apart from this, it is tremendously helpful to doctors in reaching the accurate diagnosis n treat accordingly. Based on artificial intelligence, Zini is the future of medicine. I am in love with it.. So highly recommended.

— Dr. Anshu Bahl, MD

KNH Hospitals

This app is a new innovation in the field of medicine. The app has shown promising results and the accuracy of history taking and differential diagnostic reports is pretty satisfactory. Although some work in needed but the app shows promising results so far. This app can be of helpful to both doctors and patients in my opinion. Patients can get immediate 1st hand medical advice and seek timely treatment options. At the same time doctors can give a 2nd look at all the possible differential diagnosis and see other treatment and investigative suggestions from zini to be more confident of their analysis. Most importantly this app can bridge the doctor patient communication gap very well which is helpful to both sides.

— Dr. Ranvir Kaushal, MD, Founder

National Health Service(NHS)

When I first used Zini I was very impressed with it. I will I believe it will forever change the way we perceive healthcare.

VS — Dr. Vineet Singh, Ophthalmology

University of Surrey

Grainpad's AI ZINI is a unique and powerful healthcare tool in the hands of the masses. We at Global Centre for Clean Air Research, University of Surrey are privileged to be associated with Grainpad. I am sure together we can be better prepared for the next big health pandemic, that is poor air quality.

PK — Prof. Prashant Kumar, Associate Dean