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Why make guesses about your health? Just talk to ZINI. She is an AI driven virtual physician. She can discuss the whole scenario in detail, figure out what's wrong and guide you in a timely manner. Convenience & reliability, restored in healthcare.

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Medical API/SDK

Integrate our easy to use 'Plug n play' Symptom checker SDK / Medical API into your existing healthcare website or app and give your users an enhanced user experience. Increase their engagement and retention time. Collect real time data on what health issues are your users are most concerned about. Guide them in the right direction with our diagnostic reports and Increase your conversion rates.

Virtual Physician

Corporate Virtual Physician

Install a Virtual physician bot in your medical rooms. Make access to expert medical advice more convenient for your employees. Help them understand what could be wrong. Help them make the right decisions about their health in a timely manner. Reduce unwanted hospital visits of your employees and make them seek timely help to reduce further loss of time and effort down the line. Make expert medical advice accessible and available at hand. Let them talk to ZINI for anything.

Management System

OPD/Clinic Management System

Instead of just waiting in the line, patients can now share all their symptoms with ZINI in a detailed format. These symptoms along with other important patient info and recommendations is sent to the doctor before the meeting. This makes patient’s more expressive and also helps doctors better see patient info. Saves time, increases efficiency and helps gather important data for future research and analytics. Prescriptions can be added to the same page and the whole digital document can be printed or shared over an email.

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Behind the Scene

ZINI can help every player involved in the healthcare sector from patients to healthcare professionals. ZINI can help with increasing efficacy, gathering clinical data, promoting research and making data driven policies.

  • Discuss your symptoms

    Why google your symptoms? When you can share them with ZINI and do an active 2 way communication. Share what bothers you with her and she will start a thorough patient interview like a human physician.

  • Get the right advice

    When there is no expert available at hand, people make do with whatever is available. They go to a chemist for medical advice or worse, a quack with no medical degree. Delay or misinformation can lead to fatal consequences. In order to end this crisis in the healthcare sector, we invented ZINI. Share your symptoms with ZINI and get the right advice in a timely manner.

  • Available in Indian Languages

    ZINI can now talk to patients in Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla as well as English. More languages are being added in time.

For your students / employees

Help your students / employees with a 24x7 virtual physician within the premises.


Save time, Increase convenience, Reduce costs, Get the right advice, Increase productivity.

Have an in house AI driven healthcare guidance system for your employees/ students. Help them know 'Should I go to a doctor' or can I be managed at home with self care. After a thorough discussion of their symptoms with ZINI, the generated Medical report can be sent as a PDF report to your network associated hospitals with recommendations and suggestions. All employee history will be already available for the doctor to see and guide them in a proper manner.

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What our clients say


Galaxy Labs

Ever since i have started using zini i have found it to be so accurate in giving differential diagnosis and giving medical advice. This is helpful for both doctors and patients in case of any medical ailment. Even doctors can easily see the differential diagnosis in a given clinical scenario. Zini is the future of ai in medicine with tremendous help to patients especially when there is delay in seeking medical help.

— Dr. Shuchita Nanda, MD


Zini is one of the most wonderful medical app, which i came across. Immediate differential diagnosis by this app not only is helpful for patients, but for doctors as well.. Patients seeking medical attention can ask all their medical queries here, which this app interprets n solves in an awesome way. Apart from this, it is tremendously helpful to doctors in reaching the accurate diagnosis n treat accordingly. Based on artificial intelligence, Zini is the future of medicine. I am in love with it.. So highly recommended.

— Dr. Anshu Bahl, MD

KNH Hospitals

This app is a new innovation in the field of medicine. The app has shown promising results and the accuracy of history taking and differential diagnostic reports is pretty satisfactory. Although some work in needed but the app shows promising results so far. This app can be of helpful to both doctors and patients in my opinion. Patients can get immediate 1st hand medical advice and seek timely treatment options. At the same time doctors can give a 2nd look at all the possible differential diagnosis and see other treatment and investigative suggestions from zini to be more confident of their analysis. Most importantly this app can bridge the doctor patient communication gap very well which is helpful to both sides.

— Dr. Ranvir Kaushal, MD, Founder

ZINI App User

It can help Poor People and people who do not have access to healthcare professionals in time. It can improve a lot and I believe it may save a life in time of need.

— Anurag Sharma, User

ZINI App User

This Application has been developed with the Aim to bring Healthcare to everyone for Free!! I wish the Team best of my wishes, and all the users of this App, a better Healthcare experience.

— Ankit Mishra, User

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A healthy community is a productive and happy community. We are making access to expert and legit medical advice possible for all. If you would like to be a part of this mission or have any other suggestions to help us make our services better, feel free to contact us.

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