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We can help you digitize history taking, vital collection, prescription generation, reviewing past visits, and all your OPD data management in minutes. Manage follow-ups and referrals better. Connect with us to know more.

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What is it?

We have built a Digital OPD platform for you. The platform has 5 dashboards and screens for 5 different parts of the OPD. These include the doctor, the attending nurse, the lab, the pharmacy, and the patient of course. When the patient arrives they are registered using the ‘Nurse tab’ and are able to run a complete history-taking interview on their phone by scanning a QR code. The doctor can see all patients in the Que with information collected by the nurse and history-taking interviews all in 1 dashboard. This and a lot more, connect with us to see a demo.


Features of our OPD Management System

Doctor’s Dashboard

A Doctor’s dashboard that shows all patients in the queue, with all their info in different tabs like Basic information, detailed history with differential diagnosis (created by our AI), recommendations on investigations, patient vitals, previous investigation reports, and finally prescription filling tab. Also has options to send the patient to a lab or pharmacy, put him in daycare, and finally discharge him with his prescription. You can print the final prescription or directly send it to the patient’s phone.

Nurse Tab

Nurse tab can be used by the attending nurse or the reception to register the patient using a QR code once they have cleared the payment process. It can also be used by the nurse to fill various patient vitals including Pulse, Blood pressure, temperature, and many other important health parameters. It also shows a QR code after patient registration that the patient can scan to start their history-taking interview on their own phone.

Patient Tab

Once a patient scans the QR code on the Nurse tab, a chatbot window opens up in the phone browser that lets them enter their chief complaints, and complete their history-taking interview thoroughly. Instead of sitting idle and waiting the patient can now actively engage with the system and feel rest assured that all his issues have been noted and will be seen by the doctor. Once the interview is complete, the patient submits it after a review and the doctor can see it on their dashboard history tab.

Benefits to your organization

  • Digital record of all visiting patients.
  • Easy for doctors to see all information on past visits
  • AI-driven recommendations on the doctors’ screen for making better and more informed decisions.
  • Easily create a prescription sitting remotely using the doctors’ dashboard.
  • Making sure history taking process is complete and thorough.
  • Patients feel properly heard and feel assured that all their ailments and concerns have been recorded and properly seen by the doctor.
  • Quick review and segregation of digital data, for multiple purposes like research, marketing, and sending reminders to patients.
  • Smooth flow of operations within all departments and units of the OPD.
  • Contactless way of collecting patient history.
  • Can be customized into a contactless clinic as well.
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MotivAte fitness

Impressive and easy to use tool to check your symptom analysis. This really makes life easy with all the reporting. Great service!

— Nicolas H, CEO

ZINI App User

It can help Poor People and people who do not have access to healthcare professionals in time. It can improve a lot and I believe it may save a life in time of need.

— Anurag Sharma, User

ZINI App User

This Application has been developed with the Aim to bring Healthcare to everyone for Free!! I wish the Team best of my wishes, and all the users of this App, a better Healthcare experience.

— Ankit Mishra, User

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