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Engage with your visitors better, using our ‘Plug-n-play’ Symptom Checker APIs. Fully Customizable to your organizational needs and easy to install, we help you ‘create your own bot’ by providing you with a full-scale admin panel and backend support.

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What is it?

Our symptom checker API helps developers integrate a symptom checker ‘bot’ into their existing app or website very easily. Give your app some add-on features like diagnostic interviews, triaging and segregation of patients, based on their symptoms, and generating symptom evaluation reports. Share the data of the evaluation report with your users or doctors, as and however you like. We help you build fully customizable ‘bots’ that blend in with your website and app seamlessly.

Features of our Medical API / SDK

Our company provides you with a full end-to-end solution on diagnostic bots and symptom checkers. You will get a full access admin panel to create your own APIs and SDKs.

  • Full Admin panel for your team to work with.
  • Create web SDKs and APIs anytime using the admin panel.
  • Full Customization options -- Choose the type of bot, type of interview, bot name, color options, logo, and intro message. Contact us for more personalized customization needs.
  • Create a new ‘bot’ in minutes.
  • Paste the script to integrate the bot into any website, app, or online platform within minutes. Easy to integrate into both iOS and Android apps. Just ‘Plug-n-play’.
  • See real-time data and analytics on age, gender, location, and cases discussed by users.
  • Completely HIPAA compliant backend with complete privacy and security.
  • Available in English and Hindi

Benefits to your organization

  • A better understanding of purpose, as to why the visitor has arrived.
  • A 24x7 virtual health assistant to listen to your visitors.
  • Collect data like never before on user concerns and complaints. Get deeper insights on user symptoms and how they drive their decision-making.
  • Get user evaluation reports and their analysis in a JSON format, in your backend.
  • Easily structure data into presentable reports to share with your patients or doctors as needed.
  • Make data-driven decisions for your online presence and marketing.
  • Triage patients more accurately. Classify them based on the urgency of their case.
  • Redirect them to the right specialist, or the right facility, in a timely manner.
  • Helps users share sexual health, mental health, and menstrual health concerns more comfortably with a chatbot rather than with a Human directly.
  • Make your patients feel heard, thoroughly, and properly.
  • More engagement and greater retention times on your platform.
  • A turnkey solution, helps you focus on things that matter by leaving this part on to us.

How does it work?

Login to your Admin panel

Once you buy our subscription plan we will provide you with an admin panel with login details. You have access to all the information regarding all your APIs and SDKs here. You can add sub managers as well. We provide you full tech support and training on how to operate it. So don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Create your own Web SDK

Use our SDK customizer module to select
a. Type of interview
b. Name of your bot
c. the Color theme
d. Depth of questioning needed
e. If patients should see the final diagnosis or not
f. Intro messages and much more.
Click submit to finalize the SDK

Paste the Script

Once your SDK is ready, just copy and paste the script code in your website’s <body> tag, and Voila! You are good to go. All done and accomplished. The chat snippet and web SDK are ready to work on your app or website. In addition, we can do further customizations for you from our back-end as suited for your needs.

Check Daily Stats and Compare SDKs

You can always check daily stats on visitor usage, evaluations, and consumer behavior and compare the performance of multiple SDKs you installed on multiple platforms like your app, website, or other telehealth platforms.

Have questions? No worries, Just use the contact form below to send us a message and our representative will help you get all the answers.

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MotivAte fitness

Impressive and easy to use tool to check your symptom analysis. This really makes life easy with all the reporting. Great service!

— Nicolas H, CEO

ZINI App User

It can help Poor People and people who do not have access to healthcare professionals in time. It can improve a lot and I believe it may save a life in time of need.

— Anurag Sharma, User

ZINI App User

This Application has been developed with the Aim to bring Healthcare to everyone for Free!! I wish the Team best of my wishes, and all the users of this App, a better Healthcare experience.

— Ankit Mishra, User

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